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Gary Siphoning and Plumbing Services


Gary’s Siphoning and Plumbing serves the entirety of Greater Metro Manila along with the provinces of Bulacan, Laguna, Batangas and Cavite. We offer the best services at prices that you can always afford. And because our services are offered 24/7, there isn’t a better time to call us than right now.

Malabanan Services

Gary’s offer a number of “Malabanan” Services that Filipinos are familiar with. We can unclog your drains, remove garbage, and suck out the gunk from your tanks by the truckload.  We only use top of the line equipment along with our deep knowledge of the intricacies of plumbing for your peace of mind.

  • Siphoning of Septic Tank (Per Truckload)
  • Garbage Removal (From Inside of the Septic Vault)
  • Pipeline Declogging
  • Outlet/Inlet Pipe Installations
  • Locating Open Septic Vaults

De-Clogging & plumbing Services 

Whether it’s dry or wet waste, you can be assured that Gary’s can suck out the waste and gunk from those pipes with ease. We can install, repair, and maintain any kind of plumbing fixture, with the use of our top of the line equipment and supervision of well-trained professionals in the field.

  • De-Clogging and Clearing of Clogged Pipelines
  • Re-piping of Damaged Pipelines
  • Installation of Water/Cement Pipes
  • Installation of Outlet/Inlet Pipes
  • Installation of Main Pipelines, Waterlines, Lavatories
  • Repair and Maintenance of All Types of Plumbing

Contact Us

Tel No.: 

  • +632 701 1336 

Mobile No.: 

  • +63.920.101.9181
  • +63.956.801.1979
  • +63.910.499.9229